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Hawaii Beer Fest 2024 Beer Map


Table/Side Brewery Beer
10 Kona Castaway
10  Kona Kona Boots, I Did It Again
11 Elysian Contact Haze Hazy Ipa
11 Elysian Space Dust Ipa 
12 Beatbox Fruit Punch
12 Beatbox Watermelon
13 White Claw Tequila Smash Lime Prickly Pear
13 White Claw Tequila Smash Mango Tamarind
13 White Claw Tequila Smash Pineapple Passion Fruit
13 White Claw Tequila Smash Strawberry Guava
14a Andersdon Valley Black Light
14a Anderson Valley Pilsner
14b Coronado Nado Japanese Lager
14b Coronado Salty Crew Blonde Ale
15a Deschutes Abyss Stout 
15a Deschutes Fresh Squeezed Ipa 
15b Founders Nitro Breakfast Stout
15b Mother Earth Cali Creamin Nitro 
16a Golden Road Mango Cart Wheat Ale 
16a Founders Mortal Bloom Hazy Ipa 
16b Goose Island Bourbon County
16b Goose Island Hazy Beer Hug 
17a Kohola Lokahi Pilsner
17a Kohola Talk Story Pale Ale
17b Lanikai  Shave Ice Tropical Seltzer 
17b Lanikai  Summer Lihing Mango Sour Ale 
18a Ommegang Three Philosophers
18a Ninkasi Prismatic Juicy Ipa 
18b Boulevard Brewing Peach Apricot Whip
18b Boulevard Brewing Strawberry Banana Whip
18b Boulevard Brewing Pineapple Orange Whip
18b Boulevard Brewing Raspberry Lime Whip
19a Paradise Cider Hard Seltzer Mango Li Hing Mui 
19a Paradise Cider Hard Seltzer Ube And Blueberry  
19b Waikiki Brewing Jalapeno Mouth Amber Ale 
19b Waikiki Brewing Black Strap Molasses Porter 
20a L Huyghe Delirium Black
20a Chimay Grand Reserve
20b Rochefort Trappist 8 Ale
21 Nutrl Vodka Seltzer Mango
21 Nutrl Vodka Seltzer Pineapple
21 Nutrl Vodka Seltzer Raspbery
21 Nutrl Vodka Seltzer Watermelon
22 Aloha Beer Black Pilsner
22 Aloha Beer Crispy Light Ipa
23a Beer Lab Pog Sour
23a Beer Lab Omakase Hazy Ipa
23b Loop Seltzers Li Hing Pop
30 Honolulu Beerworks Don’T Read The Rules Double Ipa
30 Honolulu Beerworks Summer Swell Hoppy Wheat
31a 21st Amendment Brew Free Die Hazy Ipa
31a 21st Amendment Hell Or High Watermelon Ale
31b Beach House Haupia Black Lager
31b Beach House Hazy Lime Pale Ale
32a Juneshine Peachy Punch
32a Juneshine Pog
32b Bravus Peanut Butter Dark **
32b Bravus Raspberry Gose **
32b Bravus Strawberry Blonde **
33a Great Notion Baked And Stuffed (vip hour only, super limited)
33a Great Notion  Purely Passionfruit (vip hour only, super limited)
33b Alvarado Street Ddh To Taste (vip hour only, super limited)
33b Breakside Shasta Taffy (vip hour only, super limited)
34a Pauwela Beverage Pineapple Creamsicle
34a Pauwela Beverage Strawberry Citra
34b Happy Thursday Black Cherry
34b Happy Thursday Mango Passionfruit
34b Happy Thursday Pineapple Starfruit
34b Happy Thursday Straweberry
35a Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty
35a Dogfish Head Wake Up Worldwide Stout
35b Stone Buenaveza Salt Lime Lager
35b Cali Squeeze Blood Orange
36a Bells Change Of Heart Experimental Black Ipa
36a Bells Cold Hearted Ipa
36a Bells Hazy Hearted Ipa
36a Bells Two Hearted Ipa
36b Modern Times  Fruitlands Passion Fruit Guava
36b Modern Times  Green Futures
37a Maui Brewing  Pog Hazy Ipa
37a Maui Brewing  Sunshine Girl
37b Maui Brewing  Maui Seltzer Harder Pog
37b Maui Brewing  Maui Seltzer Peach Mango Island Hard Tea
38a Truly Citrus Squeeze
38a Truly Pineapple Creamsicle
38a Truly Raspberry
38a Truly Watermelon
38b Twisted Tea Half And Half
38b Twisted Tea Original
38b Twisted Tea Peachy Punch
38b Twisted Tea Rocket Pop
39a Nectar Green Grape
39a Nectar Li Hing Pineapple
39a Nectar Mango Melon
39a Nectar Passionfruit Orange Guava
39b Lokahi Honey Macadamia Nut Brown W/Coffee Honolulu Coffee Collab
39b Lokahi Raspberry Margarita Kettle Sour With Sea Salt
40a Ola Special Big Island Limited Release
40a Ola Special Big Island Limited Release
41 Hana Koa Breaktime Blonde (Blonde Ale)
41 Hana Koa Coral Cooler (Hazy Ipa) 
41 Hana Koa Mango Mochi Daze (Hazy Ipa W/ Mango & Mochi Rice)
41 Hana Koa Pink Pony (Cosmo-Inspired Sour Ale W/ Cranberry, Orange & Key Lime) 
42 Inu Island Ales Kome Nome Japanese Rice Lager
42 Inu Island Ales Mango Vanilla Sour

5th Annual Hawaii Beer Fest 2024

Benefitting the Rotary Club of Honolulu